Recipe Credit: Amanda Haas


1 bag RightRice Fried Rice Medley

3 trumpet mushrooms, sliced

1 c. sliced Napa cabbage

2 c. of spinach

3 green onions, white and light green parts only, sliced

4 oz. skirt steak

5 tsp. sesame oil

Fresh mint

Sriracha sauce


Cook the RightRice according to the package instructions.

Rinse the steak and pat dry with paper towels. Place a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Once hot, add 1 tsp sesame oil, then the steak. Cook until the steak is well-seared, about 3-4 minutes per side for medium rare. Allow the steak to rest for at least five minutes before carving.

While the steak rests, sauté each of the additional ingredients individually, using 1 tsp sesame oil per ingredient.

In a bowl, place 1 serving of the RightRice. Top with 4 oz. of the sliced steak and a generous helping of cabbage, mushrooms, spinach and green onions. Garnish with freshly chopped mint and drizzle with Sriracha sauce.